What makes Sonny & Kat Photography different from the hundreds of other photographers out there. What are our services  that others may not offer?
Sonny & Kat Photography are a team.

We are a husband and wife team which means we know where the other one is at all times. We know when we are available and when we are not. Sonny & Kat Photography are a competitive team. One that strives to continue to learn and develop our skills. We truly believe we will never stop learning. When we do, we know it is time to put away the camera.

When you call us…

…Sonny & Kat Photography will ask what are your needs and desires. Yes, we can provide advice based on experience; however, it is so important to listen to the client, you. There is no point fulfilling our needs to be creative, if it does not exceed your expectations. That is where we are genuine and at times we understand we may not be the photographer for you and visa versa, you may not be the client for us. We understand this and upfront.

We will meet with you…

…in person wherever possible because you will gain so much more from a ten minute conversation than any well versed email or phone call. We want to connect with our clients so we can provide the exceptional experiences we wish to deliver.This means we will not leave our brides or families with a USB full of images that may end up in a drawer with no prospect of being printed, or worse become corrupted and lost forever.

Sonny & Kat Photography will create heirlooms for our families and brides. Sonny & Kat Photography work with local printers for individual prints and a company in Melbourne who provide lifetime guarantees on their albums. We provide three months use of a personal gallery in which time we strongly suggest our clients back up their photos onto external hard drives and cloud base services.

Client for Life.

Sonny & Kat Photography aim to deliver life long service though our Client for Life program which is automatically included in our Exclusive packages for weddings or can be purchased separately. Client for Life means for our clients are entitled to a free 1hr sitting every year. Whether that be a family portrait, a maternity shoot, a glamour shoot. T&Cs apply.

Graphic Design Services

Kat has a Degree in Graphic Design and the photography started from an urge to use high quality images for her clients. This means Sonny & Kat Photography can provide the complete business solution with regards to any business marketing requirements (menus, promotional material, digital solutions).

Wedding Price List

We try to tailor our packages to suit the needs and desires of our couples however we understand when you are looking you would like to know round about pricing. Here is a copy of these Wedding Pricing which we are happy to discuss with you in person and actually prefer that as we really do need to hear your story to know what you may need. So please contact us to set up a time if you are in the beginning stages of planning your very special day.


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