We thought we would help you navigate your gallery with a Pixieset Tutorial if needed.
We had some fun creating your images now it is time for you to see them!
Once we have edited the images and uploaded to your private gallery we will send you an email.
This will entail any specific details for you and if a coupon code is included you will need this to use during the shopping cart process.

Pixieset Tutorial : Example of Sonny & Kat Photography Gallery Invitation


Click on the VIEW PHOTOS and it will take you to the gallery entry page.


Pixieset Tutorial : Bottom of the Sonny & Kat Phototgraphy Gallery email with code and button the enter the gallery

Here you will be asked to type in YOUR email or anyone else you share the gallery with to enter THEIR email.
This is important as it is our way of understanding your activity in the gallery

Pixieset Tutorial : Sonny & Kat Photography Gallery Entry page

Once in your gallery it will look something like this

Pixieset Tutorial : Sonny & Kat Photography Gallery page

Now the fun begins.
When you click on an image you can see it larger and at the top you can see icons…heart for favourites, trolley to add to shopping cart and sharing.
Or you can simply scroll over the images on the opening page and you will see in the top right little icons appear.

Pixieset Tutorial : Sonny & Kat Photography image icons

Depending on the type of session, you will have the option to purchase digital files and prints.
Once you have gone through and chosen your images to purchase you can go to the shopping cart

Pixieset Tutorial : Finished shopping cart

Remember I mentioned in the intro email you may have received a coupon code?
Well ensure you apply the code now as this will your total is adjusted.

Pixieset Tutorial : Applying a coupon

We provide two options for payments: Paypal and Direct Debit.
If you choose to use Direct Debit we will wait till the payment has been received before releasing the images.
After payment you will receive the following email enabling you to download your purchased images.
If printing was an option we will contact you once these have been created.

Pixieset Tutorial : Download purchsed Images

Hopefully this Pixieset Tutorial was helpful.
If you are still having technically issues please send us an email and we will try to help you further.