We are Sonny and Kat from Sonny & Kat Photography.

Sonny is a wedding, fashion model, and landscape photographer.

Kat is a food, corporate, family and boudoir photographer based out of Highfields near Toowoomba Queensland.

We are professional Toowoomba Photographers and we would love to tell your story! Let’s have coffee and get to know each other!

Sonny & Kat have been a formidable couple since their paths crossed back in 1996. For 20 years, their love of spending time with family and friends, a passion for cooking, traveling and experiencing new adventures has enabled them to reveal and develop a shared hidden talent, passion and love of photography. Of course, their creative talent doesn’t stop there. Sonny and Kat have both completed their Bachelor and Masters with degrees in Project Management & Graphic Design respectively. Utilising their individual passions, strengths and photographic styles they can create truly beautiful photographic collaborations.

Whether you want to encapsulate the emotions and minute details of your day necessary to preserve your precious memories or present your products and services in the best light possible to ensure your business has the optimal chance to shine, Sonny and Kat will work tirelessly to help you achieve your desired results.

They share a unique understanding and appreciation of each others individual skills and perfectly complement each others creative flair and instinctive styles. This means they will also understand and appreciate what you want, and know just how to design the perfect package.

Sonny and Kat Profile

“We would love to tell your story!
Let’s have coffee and get to know each other.”

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